Season 3: "Buried Alive"

Ah Halloween. The air is beginning to cool, leaves begin to change colors, and it becomes socially acceptable to dress like a sexy pumpkin. As a kid Halloween meant packing as much chocolate into your pillow case as possible, only for your drunk dad to eat all the good ones and leave you with those nasty hard candies. Yuck! As a teenager it meant egging your friend's house only to be chased down the block by their drunk dad. As an adult Halloween now means you ARE the drunk dad eating your kids chocolates and chasing their friends down the street. And you know what? It's STILL awesome! How many times can you dress up like a sexy claims adjuster and go to work without getting fired? So as we embark on season 3 of Dumpster Sandwich let's all take a moment and be thankful for the holiday that brings out that sexy inner kid in all of us. Be it a sexy penguin, a sexy trash man, or a sexy pumpkin. Because isn't that the real meaning of Halloween? To dress like a prostitute? I would like to think so.

"Mummy End-Bombing"

"Hooker Ghost"

"Ghost Party"

"Nurse Nightmare"

"Thriller Time"

"Haunted Ghetto"

"The Costume Contest"

"Lord of the Seance"