Season 2: "One Last Beer"

Whether it's a beer commercial, a family function, or a sexual harassy happy hour, alcohol can be hard to avoid. It often appears to make life amazing; adding a touch of Hollywood glamour to an otherwise boring night in with your cat. The reality is far more melodramatic. Alcohol can lead to short nights dancing half-naked on a bar stool followed by long nights headfirst in the toilet. This season I thought I would mix things up a bit with a touch of tequila, a hint of imagination, and a splash of horse tranquilizer topped off with a slice of lime to wash down the taste of that Dumpster Sandwich you ate out of the neighbor's garbage.

"Just One Beer"

"Group Driving"

"No State of Mind"

"Bacta Tank Hangover"

"Captain and Coke"

"Blood of Jesus"

"Cigarette Butt"

"Guys Free"